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Selection Rubric

Even in the first month, Henry Gives Coffee has received so many more submissions than I could have hoped for. With this many websites to sort through, I felt a rubric would help me pick our winners.

Every month, after the deadline, these two rounds will help whittle them down.

Round 1 - Basic Criteria:

  • Projects must be live and accessible somewhere.
  • Projects must be open source, to help other folks make the web rad.

Round 2 - Sliding Scales:

  • Novelty and need/usefulness of the projects.
  • Community and developer activity (i.e. are the developers responsive and actively maintaining the projects?).
  • Another qualifier or two based on the month's theme.

I wish I could afford to buy all of you coffee, but sadly that's not the case. However, I can (and want to) be transparent about this part of the process.

The winners will for sure get their coffee money and write-up on the winners page.

And for now, all other submissions that match the theme will get a showcase card showing off their projects!

All of you are the ones doing the hard work of making the internet a more rad place. I'm glad to help get more eyes on your sites and maybe find some future collaborators!

And thank you all SO much for the support. It means more than you know.


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