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Collection 3: Web Projects for Sharing a Hobby (May 2021)

I've seen a lot of incredible projects that exist to help share information about a developer's other hobbies. For instance, I wouldn't be the rock climber I am today without other folks sharing their knowledge about different training techniques. Those kinds of sites go hand in hand with this website's philosophy of creating personal spaces online.

What's the coolest *web thing* you've built to help share your hobby with someone?

If your project makes the cut, you'll get some coffee money. On me. ;)

Accepting entries through noon on June 23rd, 2021.

Submission Form

  1. Your Name
  2. Project Name
  3. Live URL
  4. Git Repo URL
  5. Tell me all about your project! What inspired it? What challenged you?
  6. In case your project is rad as hell:

    a.) What's your Venmo/Cash/Ko-fi or whatever? Username AND service, please!

    b.) Is there anything you want plugged in the writeup?

    c.) What's a good way to get ahold of you? Maybe Twitter or a personal website?

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