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Project Showcase

These are the projects from each collection that absolutely blew me away. Devs building rad shit for the web is always a good thing, and these developers earned their coffee.

Collection 2: Education

AP Computer Science Doc by Jacob Bruce

Jacob is a high school senior taking AP Computer Science and is building this web app to keep track of notes, code challenges, and tools to help their fellow students out. What's even cooler is that Jacob is turning the project over a new student next year to carry forward.

Wanted to Plug:

AP Computer Science Doc
Flash Math Cards by Kyle Simpson

Kyle built this website to help kids practice their math skills with interactive flash cards. With options for different kinds of problems and three difficulties, this can also be installed as a progressive web app on a smartphone for flash cards on the go.

Wanted to Plug: Open web technology is always superior to closed/proprietary native code! PWAs FTW!

Flash Math Cards
Hyberobjects Gallery by Erwin

Erwin built a gallery for generative artworks that shows the finished work and shares the source code to help other artists learn how to create their own pieces. With the built-in workbench, the code can run live in the browser to help you learn quickly.

Hyberobjects Gallery
Lingraphic by Will Fry

Will built Lingraphic on top of their own linguistics parser to help people learn etymology through graphic visualizations and easy to understand network graphs. This is a goldmine for anyone interested in learning about the evolution of human language.

Wanted to Plug: Will wanted his micro-scholarship to go to a charity that helps with tech education.® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and is linked below under 'Donate'.

ONAD Study Guide by Donovan

Donovan and some of their friends are getting ready to take the OpenJS Node Developer Certification exam and are putting this tutorial site together to both help themselves and others prepare for the exam. This is a fantastic example of learning in public. Way to pay it forward!"

Wanted to Plug: Donovan also blogs about CSS animation on the website!

ONAD Study Guide
OSSLT Practice Tests by Greg Senyshyn

Greg built this project to help students study for and pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). This is the tool that aggregates materials from the Ministry of Education and helps students actually practice what they're learning.

OSSLT Practice Tests
Science By Solar by Jamie

Jamie built a solar powered computer that performs medical and physics based calculation for IBM's World Community Grid Project. It makes meaningful contributions to science without taking anything in exchange. This website even gives some information on how to build a solar powered computer of your own!

Wanted to Plug: Please be gentle, she might crash!

Science By Solar
Space Interns by Christopher Fu

Chris (and their friend Caroline) built the only dedicated platform for recurring space internship and fellowship programs, scholarships, and grants. They hope Space Interns increases the diversity of the future space workforce and I hope they're right. Space exploration is near and dear to me, and this project is incredible.

Space Interns

Collection 1: Local Community

BikeTag by Ken Eucker

BikeTag is a mystery photo tag game played on bicycles in real cities all over the world. Pick your city, find where the latest tag is, and hop on your bike to go find it! This is a beautifully put together site is run by a team doing it for their shared love of biking. This one speaks to me on a personal level. <3

Wanted to Plug: The BikeTag Team is an all-volunteer team of people who play the game of BikeTag in their city. Brought together by their love for Bike Fun, this group of volunteers maintain the BikeTag.Bike and BikeTag.Org websites for all to enjoy.

Bookey by Amir

This is an web app to help folks find others to swap books with. I can totally see this becoming a large library where your card is just a handful of purchased novels. Very rad, and I'm going to try for a few trades.

Wanted to Plug: Amir would love to get any help with improving Bookey. They're open to making the project open source and is interested in adding blockchain tokens for swappers.

Campus Gaming Network by Brandon Sansone

Campus Gaming Network is a way for collegiate gamers to find each other on campus or in their local communities. When online matchmaking does it cut it, you sometimes just want to get a group together for some Super Smash Bros. This can help you find your people.

Campus Gaming Network
Community Supported Agriculture Sign In App by Jonathan Franco

This one isn't publicly accessible but Jonathan made a tool to help his CSA more quickly check-in folks picking up their produce. I have a soft spot for projects aiding in access to healthier food. Incredible job.

Wanted to Plug:

Community Supported Agriculture Sign In App
Covid 19 India Work by Aritro Paul

Springing from a friend asking 'Who's even hiring right now?', Aritro built this clean looking site around a big AirTable sheet that was keeping track of who was hiring in India. Especially during this time of increasing uncertainty, I really hope this helps some folks out.

Covid 19 India Work
Cyrcl App by Ardy

Cyrcl is a mobile app focused around proximity based mutual interest groups. This is actually a great way to find people with similar hobbies without using a major social network. I hope this takes off!

Wanted to Plug: Another of Ardy's web apps:

Cyrcl App
Disc Buddy by Matt Locke

It's always rad to see someone who's into a hobby build something to help others connect. If you're into disc golf and are looking for someone to play with, this is totally the move. Making a new friend over an outdoor activity. What more do you want?

Disc Buddy
Dunedin Sound by Fraser Thompson

Honestly, this one is my favorite. Fraser made this site specifically to document and archive his local music scene. Photos, videos, and bootleg(?) audio of ~250 shows in Dunedin, New Zealand. Rad as hell, dude. Having grown up with the music kids and gone to more shows than I can keep track of, this is a fantastic time capsule any scene would be lucky to have. And you can tell it's made with love. Speaking of music and GatsbyJS, I have a different side project I'll be reaching out about. ;)

Dunedin Sound
Ease Attendance by Varun Chitturi

A group of high school students saw a problem their classes were having with distance learning and made a Zoom plugin to solve it for people all over the world. Not often you see a unique problem solved with such a polished looking landing page. Well done, boys. For real. Can't wait to see what you all work on next.

Ease Attendance
Eigengrau's Generator by Rhys Gray

If you've ever played a tabletop RPG, you know how difficult worldbuilding can be. This generator can give your DM NPCs, political systems, towns, and even tavern menus. It even keeps things in sync - like scaling professions for the size of an outpost. And it's Rhys' FIRST CODING PROJECT. Absolutely wild, and I'm for sure using this for my upcoming STK campaign.

Wanted to Plug: Twine - an open source interactive fiction engine!

Eigengrau's Generator
Ferrara A Domicilio by Tommaso Poletti

Shops without a web presence around the world had trouble letting folks know they're still open in lockdown. Tommaso built this to help folks in his local community know which ones are open and delivering. This one is honestly beautiful in its simplicity. It does exactly what it needs to do and nothing more. Solid work.

Ferrara A Domicilio
Fort Wayne Drink Specials by Tony Gerardot

Something like this should exist for every college town. It's a curated collection of all the drink specials at every restaurant in Fort Wayne for every day of the week. Great example of a college senior creating and maintaining something incredible for the public good.

Fort Wayne Drink Specials
Found a Corky! by Chester Doran

This one is a lot of fun! Little creatures made of corks for friends to hide in each others' homes and a website to keep track of where each of them has been. Super cute!

Found a Corky!
GrocerCheck by Brian Chen

Even during lockdown we all need groceries. This keeps track of groceries in 10 major cities around North America to help folks stay safe. Clicking on each store lets you know if it's open and gives you a general idea of how busy it is currently. Honestly one of the cooler Google Maps projects I've ever seen.

John Green House Interactive by Ben Falchuk

This is a cool bit of history preservation. Ben built this website to help folks learn about a historic building in New York State. I especially love the hand drawn notes and the 3D model of the house! This is a really sweet project.

John Green House Interactive
Poetry Garden by Evan Buckiewicz

If you're a writer (especially a poet), this is a great option for a personal website. It helps you set up a page, post your poems, and connect with other writers on the network. This looks beautiful and helps people share their work. Excellent thing you've built, Evan.

Poetry Garden
ShowerBox by Andrew Smith

This is one of my favorites of the bunch. Andrew created this slick web presence for a non-profit that helps the housing insecure population of London keep up with their personal hygiene and maintain their mental & physical wellbeing. Truly incredible work he's helping out with, and I hope they continue to do even greater good.

Wanted to Plug: Andrew is looking for other non-profits to volunteer with.

Tijdvoorklok (Time For Klok Beer) by Andrew Lautenbach

This is fun! Klok is a beer brand and a meme popped up about it that inspired a website. It helps you decide if it's time for you to drink some and if you click and drag the beers around you might trigger an easter egg!

Tijdvoorklok (Time For Klok Beer)
TPSCalls by Riley Drnt

Transparency about police activity is more important than ever. TPSCalls is a real-time map of locations where the Toronto Police have responded to a call of service and what kind of incidents they're dealing with. And Riley is currently working on a v3! I love this kind of community 'looking out' and really hope more trackers like this start popping up.

Twitch Plays the Synth by Matthew Dunlap

This is rad as hell. What started as a friend wanting to know how synths work led to a collaboration with a well known musician. Matthew built the software while Memorecks created the synth, and they launched a 24/7 channel. Now, anyone can send commands and help create music. Absolutely love it.

Twitch Plays the Synth

Collection 0: Henry Gives Coffee

Henry Gives Coffee by Henry Quinn

Let's be real, this is just a card to show what other projects will look like in the showcase. I drank a decent amount of coffee for how long it took me to throw Henry Gives Coffee together, but this website is way more about all of the cool things the rest of y'all are building. :)

Henry Gives Coffee

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